Why You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

Grand Rapids Mobile Web Design

Mobile has arrived, and it is here to stay. Is it time to get a mobile responsive website developed?

Can you remember the last time you were not within 10 feet of your phone? Tens of millions of individuals just like you use their phones and tablets for everything — including searching the Internet — especially when they want information. If your website is not taking advantage of mobile users, then you may be leaving money on the table.

While mobile usage has already exploded, it is estimated that cell phone usage will double in the next year.  As individuals spend more time using phones and tablets, search engines have quickly readjusted to keep up. Over 50% of Google results on mobile devices were different than those from the same search on a desktop device. Independent testing has shown that Google's updated algorithm slightly favors websites that provide mobile users with a favorable, and responsive experience.

For businesses that want to capture customers in the mobile market, it is vital for search rankings that your website performs well and looks good on mobile devices.

When is the last time you looked at your company's website on your phone? It is estimated that over 50% of websites are not designed to function properly on mobile devices. Have you considered how much revenue you may be losing simply because your website does not work properly on a phone or tablet? Keep in mind that every phone and every tablet is different. In order to be viewed properly on all devices, your website must be mobile responsive, meaning that it will adapt to different operating systems and screen sizes to look good and work properly.

In today's competitive economy, people searching online have plenty of choices that are easy to find without much effort. If your potential customers cannot access your website on their phone or tablet, it is almost guaranteed that they are taking their business elsewhere.

As you can imagine, mobile growth is nowhere near complete. In the next year, mobile phone Internet traffic is expected to grow by over 50 percent, with over 2 billion people worldwide going online via their mobile device at least once a month.Smart phones and tablets combine to generate over a third of all organic search traffic. Is your businessable to ignore over 50% of your customer base and still grow?

Simply having a 'mobile website' does not translate to more customers. In most cases, redirecting mobile visitors to a mobile home page instead of the mobile version of the website they are trying to access, creates a negative experience. Plus, a single mobile home page will not rank as well as the actual website pages — especially if the mobile home page does not contain most of the content from the desktop version.

It is important to understand that mobile device users generally have the same goals as desktop users. As such, your potential customers mobile experience should be similar (responsive) for the different screen sizes and types of devices they may be using.

So, what does this mean for you as a business owner. Plain and simple — if your current website is not responsive for mobile devices, you are losing customers, market share and revenue. Customer loyalty has changed. Individuals have access to thousands of options right in the palm of their hand. They know what they want and they want it immediately. In just a few seconds, your customer will leave your unresponsive website and search for someone else.

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