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“Let your fingers do the walking” was the Yellow Pages tagline for years. Unfortunately, most consumers are now letting their fingers do the walking while typing into a Google search through their computers or mobile devices like a cell phone or tablet. For many years, the monopoly that was the Yellow Pages, sucked local businesses advertising budgets dry, laughing all the way to the bank. They knew that consumers used the Yellow Pages to find just about everything locally. The Yellow Page companies also knew that businesses owners had no choice but to be in the book and pay their outrageous rates. Unfortunately for the Yellow Page companies, the Internet is now the choice of approximately 95% of consumers searching for local products and services.

Now, the Yellow Pages are dead and the shift has moved to the Internet. Your potential customers have moved online... shouldn’t your marketing and advertising budget follow them? Think about it. When was the last time you actually used the phone book for anything? Chances are, if you’re like most consumers, you now use the Internet for almost all of your business searches.

Watch our plumbing client talk about how they cut their Yellow Pages because of the Internet here.

Have you been keeping up on the yellow page news over the last several years?

2005 - SBC & Bell South (Now AT&T) purchased yellowpages.com for nearly $100 million dollars. (Even the phone book publishers knew that people were moving online in 2005)

2009 – AT&T purchases yp.com for $3.85 million dollars (AT&T says they purchased yp.com for market share? Truth be told, they purchased yp.com so they could advertise it and not yellowpages.com because of the stigma that comes along with “Yellow Pages”.

2009 - Hurt by competition from the Internet and a plunge in local advertising, Yellow Pages giant R.H. Donnelley filed for bankruptcy... (Competition from the Internet.... Enough said)

2009 - U.S. telephone Yellow Pages publisher Idearc Inc IDAR.PK filed for bankruptcy, as revenue for its printed directories business dwindled amid a shift to online search and advertising (Shift to online search.... Enough said)

2010 - Yellow Pages sues Seattle for new law letting people opt-out of receiving the phone book (Are laws going to be passed that eventually make the Yellow Pages an option to people instead of automatically delivering them? There should be! About 660,000 tons of phone books get thrown out every year!)

2011 – Present: Most Yellow Page companies have shed hundreds of jobs, gone bankrupt, sold off their yellow page product (On April 9, 2012, it was announced that AT&T would sell 53% of AT&T Advertising Solutions to Cerberus Capital Management for $750 million) or just keep filling phone books with more filler and less ads.

Watch one of our landscaping contractors talk about how they stopped using the Yellow Pages here.

Why is a meeting with us so important to your business?

Here’s what we can do for businesses that agonize over their Yellow Page bill every month and some reasons behind how we can help:

Step 1: We will meet with you, for free and go over your print Yellow Pages, internet Yellow Pages and any other associated product that the Yellow Pages have sold you. (Over 80% of business owners that we meet with don’t know about every product they have with the Yellow Pages).

Step 2: We will go over what you are spending on all of these products on an item-by-item basis. (Over 56% of business owners that we meet with don’t know exactly what they are spending on a monthly basis).

Step 3: Next, we find out if you are tracking any sales from the Yellow Pages and if so what the Yellow Pages is generating.

Step 4: We will put together a thorough analysis and SAVE YOU MONEY!

How we can help your business and why you should meet with us

Reason 1: We have over 25 years of combined, prior yellow page experience working with thousands of business owners on their print and web based yellow page products.

Reason 2: Over 74% of business owners that we meet with don’t know about every yellow page product they are under contract for.

Reason 3: It’s approximately 200 to 1! The Yellow Pages get approximately 500 million reference/month. Local online search gets over 100 billion searches every month.

Reason 4: Your potential customers have migrated away from the Yellow Pages and are now searching for you online. Your marketing and advertising budget should follow your potential customers?

FACT: Your potential customers have moved online.

QUESTION: Shouldn’t your advertising and marketing budget follow them?

Lower or drop your Yellow Page costs and get in front of your potential customers online! We have proven results and a unique strategy to lower your Yellow Page costs and use this freed up advertising budget to drive even more new leads to your business online. Call us or contact us today for a free Yellow Page analysis, and a complete marketing analysis.