Online Video Marketing

Every business wants to find a new way to separate themselves from their competition. Approximately 80% people that visit a website with a video will watch that video and approximately 12% of those people convert into a customer or sale. A few years ago, online video was taking baby steps. Content owners were unsure how to, or if they would even be able to attract and generate new customers through online video marketing. Today, a huge video market is developing, with the US audience expected to grow to 190 million people by 2012, 88% of the Internet user population. A recently released comScore Video Metrix service report revealed that U.S. Internet users watched more than 11 billion videos online during the month of April, 2008. 

Why Online Video?

As you know by now, those businesses that embraced online video as a marketing vehicle for new clients and customers are those that are now benefiting the most today from organic/natural search results and get a steady stream of new leads to their website. Web Traffic Partners offers online video production and online video marketing. If you want to set yourself apart from your competition and be successful on the Internet, you must realize the importance of online video. For online video search engines such as YouTube.com, Google Video, Yahoo Video, etc. are just the top dogs of a vastly growing collection of video search engines.

Google purchased YouTube for over TWO BILLION dollars because Google knows that videos are going to be a key in the future of online marketing. Web Traffic Partners can get your video produced, edited and up on the web working for you in a matter of days! We want you to get a step ahead of your competition and be one of the first in your area to be found on the search engines for this exciting new feature.

This is the same situation with video today. Don’t wait to add online video to your website. Get in early and beat your competition now. What do you have to do? Nothing really, we do it all for you:

1. We will come to your office and consult with you on the best scenario for the format of your video. 

2. We will then have our videographers film the video. 

3. After filming we will have your video professionally edited. 

4. This will take approximately 2 hours of your time, no scripting necessary, we will work with you and make sure the message you want is delivered in a professional manner.

We normally take 1-2 weeks to deliver the edited video clips for your review and approval. Once you approve your video we place it on your website, keeping them consistent with the design. We will then market your video online to gain exposure. Being visible on page one of Google just isn’t enough anymore!

Marketing Your Video

If you are on page one, you are on there with your main competition vying for the same prospects. It’s all about your message at this point. What sets you apart? What makes you different than your competition? Your internet video will help you relay that message to your potential customers. With online video marketing you can be found in new and exciting ways through the web and reach out to your potential customers. We will get your unique message on the web and in front of your pre-qualified, potential customers so they will choose YOU. Call us today at 1-888.268.1892.