Local Advertising Keys in a Down Economy

We all know it's a little slow out there right now. Especially in Michigan.  The economy is struggling, but that doesn't mean our businesses have to struggle. The bad economy is no excuse for local businesses to cut their marketing and advertising budgets.  If you cut these two things, you basically cut off your lifeline to your business, which are new customers.  In all actuality, it's time to focus on gaining market share and advertising more since your competition is probably cutting their marketing and advertising budgets as we speak. You have to be smart in how you go about doing this.

Our company, Web Traffic Partners, has had a very noticeable amount of work coming in over the last six months.  Business owners and companies are looking for ways to cut overhead and create cost-effective ways to generate new customers and more revenue.  Internet marketing can and will help your company generate these new customers you need to grow your business.  Here are some reasons why:

Its Cost Effective

Internet marketing is arguably the most cost effective way to generate new customers in today’s economy.   Our current clients can vouch for us on this!  Many internet marketing tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Powerful Web Design and SEM or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management, etc.) have an effect that no other media does.  It puts you in front of your potential customers online that are searching for keywords and key phrases related to your goods and services in the areas you provide them.   Why pay $1,000 - $5,000/month for a Yellow Page ad that you are bound to for a year when you could pay half that on a SEM - PPC Campaign and generate better results from pre-qualified leads?  Doesn’t sound possible?  It is!   When you combine these tactics with the tracking and monitoring capabilities of internet marketing (web analytics & website reporting), you attain the ability to shift, rearrange and tailor your efforts to those activities that are producing the best results for your business.  There are also hundreds of free local online directories that are at your disposal to get your website and business information listed on. 

The Content of Your Website is Key

The first question to ask is where do you want to generate customers from and what keywords are they using when they search for your products and services online?  We have the research capabilities to find out exactly what keywords your potential customers are typing into that Google search bar to find you. Next, combine those descriptive keywords with city or county locations. For example:  Business:  Dentist  Location:  Grand Rapids Michigan Keywords:  Grand Rapids Dentist, Dentist in Grand Rapids Michigan, etc.

This online formula for success is what we use and have found success with over and over again with all of our clients.  Although keywords and location are two big variables in getting your website visible on the first page of a search, these are only two out of many different unique tactics needed to successfully have your website visible on the first page of a relevant search. We not only excel at driving potential customers to your website, we excel at getting you on the first page of the major search engines which drives the traffic.  

Approximately 95% of people don’t go past the first page of a search.  Is your website visible to your potential customers?

The power of targeted keyword phrases pays off when you begin to optimizing page titles, meta tags, site content, internal links, and external links with the accurate, descriptive key phrases you have developed. This is what we specialize in and we will help your website attract pre-qualified, targeted search results, leads and bring the right customers to your site.

Why Web Traffic Partners?

We specialize in putting pre-qualified leads into your website.  These are the best potential customers because they are triple qualified.  Here is a Lansing dentist example: 

  • They think about getting their teeth whitened
  • They go to Google and put in, "Lansing Teeth Whitening" in the search box
  • They see your site on the first page and click on it

You now have a triple qualified customer who is in your website that needs the services you provide in the area you provide them.  This is exactly the type of lead you want and these are the precise leads we can deliver to you!  This is cost effective and crucial to your advertising and marketing campaign in a bad or down economy!

Are you ready for your business to grow and save money at the same time?

Please call for a free web consultation to discuss your website, presence on the web and overall Internet and marketing.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Call us today at 888.268.1892!