Yellow Pages vs Internet Marketing

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I worked in the Yellow Pages industry for over 9 years as an account manager for the two top yellow page publishers in this country. It was unbelievable to me how much business owners would spend on a product that they could only change their message on once a year? Plus, they were paying for an ad that would be bunched in with all of their competitors? This was mind-boggling to me. What would you say if I told you that you could save thousands of dollars and have an extremely powerful web site and online marketing presence that would generate new pre-qualified customers to your web site and business through your front doors? They did receive some results but could the thousands of dollars spent every month be generating them more new customers in a different media. The answer was YES and is still YES! Since I left the yellow page industry a few years ago and started my own Internet Marketing Company, I love to sit down with current business owners that are wasting their hard earned money on yellow page advertising and show them how I can save them thousands of dollars and generate them more new customers!

After going to endless SEO (search engine optimization) and internet marketing seminars and training with some of the best online marketing minds in the country I can call myself an Internet Marketing and SEO Expert. Don't believe me? I'll prove it to you with my proven results! A brief synopsis of my company is this: In a nutshell, I create unique, online marketing campaigns & web sites that are search engine optimized and that make money for my clients. It really is as simple as that!

We'll get back to that in a minute. There are a lot of facts that people have to know when looking at the differences between Search Engine Marketing and Yellow 

  • Yellow Pages are difficult to track and have limited tracking options. Online marketing offers extensive tracking options. 
  • Yellow Pages reach can only go so far and if you advertise in more than one directory it can get very expensive. Online marketing has an unlimited reach and is very cost effective. 
  • You can only change your advertising message on a yearly basis with Yellow Pages. You can change your message online at any time. 
  • There are over 13 billion searches on the web/month and growing. Yellow Pages receive an approximate 1 billion references/month and is losing more and more customers that advertise in the Yellow Pages every year.
  • These are some pretty powerful facts, right? Read below to see what this current client said in his testimonial... 
    "Thank you for providing our practice with what has been unquestionably the most effective advertising campaign we have to date. Actually, at this point I'll probably downgrade my yellow pages presence next year since we have tracked nearly no new customer traffic from that media recently. I think most everyone uses the internet now for research on these types of services." - Gary Hubbard / East Lansing Cosmetic Dentist 

Anyway here are a few more of my PROVEN results:

  • The second month that this Lansing MI Company’s new web site was visible on the search engines it had over 1,500 UNIQUE VISITORS! That was up over 800% from what they were receiving before I re-designed their site, re-optimized it and created & executed their unbelievable online marketing campaign! Did you hear me? Over 800% increase in unique traffic from their previous website! 
  • Within two months a Grand Rapids MI dental office was receiving 10-15 new customers/month directly from the result of their new web site and online marketing campaign that I created and executed! 
  • After the first four months of making this Lansing web site live and implementing my online marketing campaign, it generated over 5,000 new, unique visitors! I’ll prove it to you! 
  • I took a current Lansing client from no keyword related first page Google rankings to over 50 first page rankings in the first month!

These results are real and I want to show you how I can start generating you results like my clients above. Call me today, right now at 888.268.1892. You can also email me questions at the contact page here.

I look forward to working with you!