Internet Marketing Strategy - More than just having a website

You have a website, now what? Who built your website? Do they know SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Do you know what search engine optimization is? Do you really understand what your website should be doing for your business? These are common questions business owners ask themselves every day.

This is a common conversation between business owners. One business owner asks, “Do you have a website?” "I have a website." another business owner said, "I just don't know if it is bringing me leads or not." The other business owner says, "I search for my website online and it doesn’t show up on the search engines and most of my competition does. What can I do about it?"

How many businesses have the same questions? From this encounter and similar concerns raised with other business owners, I would have to say quite a few. Most businesses I see either don’t have a website or have a website that is three to five years old. Many times this is a second or even third generation site that replaced an older or original site. Interestingly enough, the most often cited reasons for these "next generation" website efforts usually have nothing to do with marketing! Business owners in many cases dramatically change their website or build it all over again mainly because of a change in their core business or because they simply don't like their old site. With the notable exception of e-commerce sites, sales and lead flow had little to do with their reasons for the creation of a new site or their selection of a Website Development Company that produced it. Times have changed. The internet is the single largest lead source available to most businesses!

Website cost and return on investment

Many businesses are mistakenly more concerned about the "cost" in building their new site than they are in how they will maximize their ROI from the site and all the potential leads it will bring after its online.  Increasingly, businesses understand that their website should perform; it should generate revenue and thus be considered a much needed business generating expense rather than simply a one-time outlay of money. Trust me, one of my clients that has advertised in many different areas including Yellow Pages, etc. said, "Thank you for providing our business with what has been unquestionably the most effective advertising campaign we have ever done." Read the full testimonial here.

Over the past several years we have increasingly heard concerns about a website's marketing impact, lead flow and search engine placement. Why? The old standby methods of generating business and their primary approach to advertising for many of these firms; direct mail, print media and yellow pages ads, are rising in cost while at the same time they are declining in effectiveness. Business owners now more than ever realize that their website holds great potential and performance is a necessity. Yet most businesses simply put, have a website and are now realizing they need a web strategy! At Web Traffic Partners, we see this changing environment all the time. The main questions business owners ask us as they start to re-evaluate their websites and internet marketing approach are:

1) What should my website be doing for me?

2) How can I tell if it is generating new clients for my business?

3) Why is my competition visible on the first page of Google searches but my web site is not?

4) What is required to improve performance and get high search rankings?

5) How do I determine what Web Development/Internet Marketing Company to use?

These are all common questions that reflect symptoms of not having identified a strong web strategy. If you are a business owner and are asking yourself these questions, you NEED to contact us today. Call Web Traffic Partners now at 888.268.1892 or fill out our contact form and we will set up a free consultation to go over your web site and internet marketing strategy. We look forward to hearing 

Article by: Chris Thomas – Founder & Internet Marketing Specialist 

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