Facebook Ad Services

Michigan Facebook Advertising

According to the Pew Research Center, Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Did you know that 79% of internet users are active on Facebook, compared with just 24% of those on Twitter?

Most business owners have recognized the value of creating a strong company presence on Facebook. To get the best Facebook marketing results, you will need to rely on an experienced web marketing company that can give your company the exposure it deserves.

Facebook advertising can accomplish the following:

  • Target specific audiences relevant to your business
  • Drive traffic to your company website
  • Increase conversion rates

Conversion rates (converting website visitors into customers) measure the success of your Facebook advertising campaign. Facebook can help facilitate conversion rates through retargeting ads. This means that people who visit your company website, but don’t become customers, will see your ads the next time they log into Facebook. This visual reminder can help persuade those who were on the fence about becoming your customer.

Facebook also gives you the option to customize who sees your ad based on what information users have decided to include on their profiles. For example, you can pick specific demographics such as age or gender. You can even narrow down your audience by their work experience or level of education.

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