Creating an Effective Brand for your Business

Grand Rapids Brand and Marketing ConsultantsOur job as a brand strategy firm is to discover your company’s unique distinction and position it in the marketplace.  Right now, that marketplace is online.  Understanding your company’s brand is the first step in marketing that brand.  Your brand is basically what current and potential customers think of your business.  It can be a negative perception or a positive one. Obviously, you would like a positive one.

Current customers may also have no opinion about your business. That is not good either. Your goal should be to differentiate your business from your competitors, which will create a positive client experience that will help you promote a strong brand.  It will also create customer referrals.

Strong Branding Grows your Business

A strong brand will help you build customer loyalty, allow you to keep your fees at a profitable level and enable your business to grow, year after year.  How to develop a memorable brand requires extensive research by an industry expert like Web Traffic Partners.   For example, we have studied the customer base of different businesses and have determined which customers drive your profitability. We will also identify the differences between you and other businesses that provide the same service or products that you do.

Take advantage of things that are available that other businesses don’t utilize.  One example is online video.  Less than 1% of businesses take advantage of video.  Ask yourself, would a series of video testimonials from customers that are properly positioned on the web separate you from your competition?  Yes.  Remember, your brand is more than your logo.  Many things will make up your brand.

Is a Brand Change Needed at your Business?

It may be time to make a few changes with your brand, website, logo, current customer base perception, etc.  Generally, doing a marketing and branding house cleaning or analysis is a good step most businesses should take.  Getting new ideas and concepts put in front of you and your business may be vital to your success.  Staying on top of your brand and marketing is an ongoing effort.

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