Five Reasons Your Business Must Embrace Social Media

Grand Rapids Social Media

Still waiting for a good reason to jump into the social media pool headfirst? Businesses that have embraced social media continue to reap many rewards, while strengthening customer loyalty and reaching the right customers at just the right time. If your business is still lagging behind in the social media game, there is no better time than now to take the plunge.

The more you know about both your current and potential customers, the more power you have over what they learn about your business. Social media, more than any other medium, gives your business the ability to learn about your customers even before they become your customers. By targeting your message to the correct audience through social media, you gain precise control over your advertising dollar and the precise direction of your brand image.

What makes social media so unique is that it encourages individuals to open up and be brutally honest about their experiences, their wants, their needs, their preferences and their buying habits. Whether on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media sites, gaining access to this useful information gives businesses the power to react to trends and conform their message to match their target customer. In addition, each of your customers can help you connect to other potential customers that share their likes and dislikes, and who can be influenced by others within their social circle.

For savvy businesses, your social media can be a 24/7 customer survey providing a useful stream of data that you can access, alter and manipulate to react to currents trends and subtle changes in your potential customer's preferences.

So, if your business is still reluctant to take the plunge, here are five more reasons to jump in the pool.

1. Social media creates brand awareness and can set you apart

Do you have a brand? Does your business have an online identity? If you haven't been following your business closely on social media, how do you know how people currently view your business? If you are not dictating the direction of your brand on social media, someone else may eventually do it for you.

Social media helps your business to connect with customers on an intimate level that helps to forge brand awareness and a true understanding of how potential customers view business. Social media can help you to differentiate your business from your competition and help you show off your strengths to potential customers.

2. Valuable customer feedback right at your fingertips

Every business can appreciate – and benefit from – honest customer feedback. Social media is the ultimate customer survey, where individuals open up and tell you how they really feel. Whether these reactions are positive or negative, your reaction can mean the difference between losing a customer to your competition or winning them over and strengthening loyalty. If you have ever been curious about what your customers want, social media can help you read your customer's thoughts.

3. Social media helps your content reach untapped markets

Grand Rapids Social Media

No matter how great your SEO may be, there are still potential customers out there that may never find you through a search. Social media can help you to bridge the gap between your current customers and those that may not even know they need your product or service.

Think of social media as a commercial on TV that is only seen by your current customers and their social media circle. Not only can you reach out to new customers, but your current customers are in the position to help push your products.

4. Social media helps customers remember you are out there

Customer loyalty may be stronger in some ways, but savvy customers are always looking for new options, special deals and one-of-a-king opportunities. Social media can help your business maintain customer loyalty, reminding customer that you are a trusted option when they are mesmerized by sparkly and exciting new options. Customers are constantly being bombarded by offers, deals and specials – let social media help you to be remembered and to encourage repeat purchases.

5. Social media supports and generates website traffic

Social media and your website will forever be linked. While each has a special role, they are always working together to gives customers what they want. A great social media campaign may eventually drive people to your storefront, but first they will visit your website.  Your website should drive people to your store and social media offers customers one more reason to visit your website.

Google now gives social media relevance as a search ranking signal. Your business' online reputation and your ability to be part of the conversation on social media sends a positive signal about your popularity and online relevance. As your presence on social media increases, search engines will recognize your website as being more authoritative, helping you to rank higher.

For more information about using social media to generate more customers, contact us here for a free social media analysis and connect with more customers today!